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Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care Too!

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Ideal For Dogs and Cats That Haven't Had A Dental Exam In a Year or Longer.

Veterinary Dental Center of Atlanta only sees Dental patients, so your pet will receive fantastic care!

Your Dog's and Cat's COHAT Goes Above & Beyond Any "Standard" Cleaning

In our comprehensive assessment, we provide the highest standard of care using the best equipment and safest standard to give your pet a healthy, happy life. Our Comprehsive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment Includes:

  • A full mouth dental cleaning both above and below the gum. This gives your dog's or cat's teeth a cleaning that is complete and helps prevent major issues
  • General anesthesia provided at a human medicine level. We cannot provide quality care without anesthesia, so we find it critical to use the latest equipment along with advanced training. Our Veterinary Dental Practicioners have experience from serving thousands of patients so that you can rest assured your pet will be given the highest quality of care
  • Full mouth x-rays so that we can see if there are any major issues affecting your pet's mouth. So often pets suffer needlessly in silence, and with our full mouth x-rays we can discover if there are any sources of discomfort or disease that could be causing issues in your pet.
  • Preventative treatments and education so that you can avoid costly and painful mistakes in the future when it comes to your pet's dental health.

Is Anesthesia Safe and Required For Dental Exams?

Veterinary Dental Practicioners

We only provide dental care to clients, so we have the special equipment and additional training to handle all your pet's dental needs

We Treat Your Pets Like Family

We provide the highest standard of care to ensure your pet is safe and happy throughout the entire procedure

Better Quality of Life

You wouldn't be able to live a happy life if your teeth were never cared for, and neither can your pet. Dental care provides the biggest boost in quality of life for most pets

Veterinary Dental Practitioners have been trained through the International Veterinary Dentistry Institute to provide exceptional dental care for your canine and feline family members.

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