Nicole N. with Stella

Image of Nicole N's Atlanta Veterinary Dental of Atlanta Testimonial

Nicole N. with Stella

I highly recommend Veterinary Dental Center of Atlanta for your pet’s dental care. The staff is incredibly skilled and caring, and they treated my 12.5-year-old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, Stella, as their own. I was afraid to have her teeth cleaned due to her grade 4 heart murmur, but after reaching out to Jennifer Z. at VDCA, I was scheduled with Veterinary Dental Practitioner Dr. Jodi Reed.

Although I had to fly from Las Vegas to Atlanta, I believed it was worth it. At VDCA, they use a lighter method of anesthesia that is safer for all dogs, especially ones with bad hearts. They also do before and after dental X-rays to ensure that there are no tooth fragments left in the jaw that could cause pain or infection. Stella’s X-rays showed that every tooth she had was abscessed and rotting, confirming to me that she needed this procedure badly.

I was blown away by how meticulously Dr. Jodi, Jennifer, and Javier made sure Stella was okay throughout the whole process with the same level of care you would expect for a human. Dr. Jodi performed over 22 tooth extractions and repaired Stella’s gums and bilateral oral/nasal fistulas with incredible precision. Stella’s pain was well-managed with nerve blocks and medications. She even came home with me and ate dinner that night.

Since the procedure, Stella is like a whole new dog. She has more energy, her fur is softer, her breath is amazing, and she seems overall happier. I am hopeful that this improvement in her overall quality of life and health will give her many more years with me. Stella and I feel blessed to have found these angels and are so thankful for Dr. Jodi and the VDCA crew!

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